Instant Coffee vs. Ground Coffee

I get it, not all of us have enough time in the morning to carefully grind whole coffee beans and painstakingly prepare the perfect latté (even though we truly believe you should). This is why instant coffee is so popular, for those of us that need to grab a cup and run out the door.

In fact, the statistics speak for themselves with almost 50% of the world’s population preferring instant coffee instead of freshly brewed coffee, according to a 2014 Euromonitor report.¬† Yikes!

So this begs the question, is instant coffee even real coffee? The short answer is yes, instant coffee does start out as a normal coffee bean.

So which one is better? Well that is subjective. I know I prefer brewed coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans, and we know our clients also love the experience of making a cup of coffee with our beans. What I do know is when it comes down to taste, caffeine content, and flavorsome oils, regular ground coffee is the clear winner! YES! During the freeze drying of the instant coffee a lot of the freshness and flavors are lost.

So with all that being said we truly believe that our coffee much outweighs those of the instant coffee variety. Coffee should be enjoyed and be more of an experience then a grab and go. So take the time to make a fresh cup instead of just drinking some instant bean water.

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