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JC Coffee Co.

We are the combined spirit of coffee drinkers worldwide. We are the essence of what makes a good morning a great morning. We are the dreams, hopes and smells of the day ahead. Nah! We are just a bunch of local Calgarian’s who like to make a good cup of Joe to keep you fueled for your day and trying to persuade one tea drinker at a time to come to the dark side.

  • Kick Ass Flavors

    Kick Ass Flavors

    You won't find burnt, acidic coffee here! Each bag is perfectly roasted to perfection. All the flavor non of the burn.
  • Versitility


    Adaptable to to all brewing techniques; pour over, espresso, drip, Aeropress, Frenchpress, bench press, stuck up, stuck down, campfire brewing, multiple microwave warmups this coffee is suited for them all. Don't believe us? Give us a try on your favorite method and let us know.
  • Versatility


    Born, bred and grass fed right here in Alberta... Well not our beans but our peeps are. Even though we has aspirations of world domination we will never forget our Albertan roots.
  • Fresh Roasted to Your Door

    Fresh Roasted to Your Door

    As soon as your order is placed our minions get to work (aka us) fresh roasting your coffee and delivering it to your door so you never have to go a day without our liquid gold.
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Cups Enjoyed

Every morning tons of clients wake up and enjoy a freshley brewed cup of JC Coffee Co.

Pruduct Types

With 6 diffrent types of coffee there is something for every coffee lover!

Years Experience

The years of roasting and drinking coffee all amount to one heck of a hill of beans

Happy Buyers

As a small business each order means the world to us!


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